Robin Bond

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ON BRAND MAGAZINE: Robin Bond Quoted on Branding

Robin Bond, Founder of Bond Brands, Inc. and Robin Bond Media - “I believe customers will always expect value and an unparalleled user experience, and rightly so. I would also offer that branding in the digital age is more important than ever, but its definition and the rules of engagement have changed. For decades there was - and for many brands, still is - a “build-it-and-they-will-come” mentality. Corporations big and small would invest millions in a navel-gazing approach that was about the visual expression of a promise which, shouted from the rooftops, would get under the skin of their target audience like a parasite until that brand became the top-of-mind choice. Today, smart brands know that their target audiences are already out there, eagerly sharing their experiences, insights and objections regarding the status quo. It’s the smart brand’s job to join those conversations and address the collective tastes, preferences - and sometimes outrage - of a savvy audience. Consumers will listen and respond to a brand that is culturally relevant at that moment in time. A brand-for-all-times approach will not withstand the zombie apocalypse, but one that is responsive, customer-focussed, empathetic and engaging will. This is no longer a case of “he who screams loudest wins.” It’s about brands finding their true audiences and meeting them where they live - both virtually and physically - and making relevant, thoughtful, action-oriented conversation. Think of the “listening” brand as the guy everyone wants to talk to at the party. Then there’s “build-it-and-they-will-come” guy who talks loudly about one thing: himself. Which of these two guys would you rather have at your party?"